With Mobile Deposit from First Pryority Bank, you’ll have the ability to deposit checks from camera-equipped smartphones and tablets, saving yourself a trip to the bank to deposit a check! It’s safe, easy, and convenient.

Once enrolled, open the service in your mobile app, click on “deposit check”. Enter the dollar amount of the check, endorse your check and take pictures with your phone as directed in the mobile deposit user agreement, then click “submit” and your deposit is on its way. You’ll receive a confirmation on your phone when your deposit was received by the bank.

How do I enroll for Mobile Deposit?
  • From the Mobile Banking App, log in and select “Mobile Deposit” from the main menu.
  • You will select the accounts you wish to enroll for mobile deposit, enter your mobile phone number, and the email address you want to associate with the notifications for mobile deposit.
  • Your enrollment for mobile deposit must then be approved before you will have access. Your deposit limit is generally based upon the length of time your account has been opened. Please refer to the mobile deposit user agreement for deposit limits
For more information regarding FPB’s Mobile Deposit product, please refer to the mobile deposit user agreement below and our Mobile Banking FAQs.

Click here for the Mobile Deposit User Agreement

Click here for Mobile Banking FAQs